Between the border of Colombia and Ecuador, a catholic Basilica is gaining worldwide attention and slowly turning into an international tourist attraction because of its amazing architecture. Las Lajas Cathedral, also known as "Las Lajas Sanctuary", is located near the Colombian city of Ipiales in the Colombian Andes.

Catholics are known to make lavish cathedrals, but what makes Las Lajas Sanctuary stands out is that it is built at an altitude of 2,900 meters (9,508 feet) inside the canyon where the Guitara River flows. A 50-meter tall bridge connects the church and the ravine, making it look like a European fairytale castle.

The construction of the Las Lajas Sanctuary took about 33 years between 1916 and 1949. The cathedral is built in a neo-Gothic style, making it look like it's a lot older than it is. It was financed by local churchgoers and apparently based on a local legend.

It's said that in 1754, an Amerindian woman and her deaf-mute daughter was caught in a terrible storm. And when they were trying to look for shelter they found a cave where the apparition of the Virgin Mary appeared in the cave's walls. The daughter pointed at it and she was apparently cured of her illness.

The miracle spread across the region urging a blind man to collect money from village to village so he can build a church that will pay homage to the site where the Virgin Mary appeared. When he collected enough money it's said that his blindness was cured as well, and he was able to build the church that he dreamed of.

Because of this, around 750,000 visit the site annually, mostly composing of pilgrims and tourists. On Jan. 13, the Las Lajas Sanctuary was added to the list of attractions on the Corredor Turistico del Sur by the Trade, Industry and Tourism Ministry.

A breathtaking sight, the Las Lajas Sanctuary is indeed a marvelous piece of architecture. The cathedral is particularly full during the Holy Week, where over 12,000 pilgrims flock to the site to pray to the Our Lady of the Rosary of Las Lajas.