The quality of food served in Venice has improved a lot over the years as local chefs are using more French local products from where it started. Seafood is a big feature of the Venetian diet and the best restaurants source it locally from the Lagoon, so your catch will always be fresh. Here are some of the best places to eat in Venice, Italy.

Alla Madonna. Large rooms that surrounds with middle-aged waiters to serve who speak in Venetian dialect and welcome patrons with old-fashioned courtesy showing a throwback of the early 1500s. In the restaurant you will likely encounter an entire Venetian family or locals, but there are a few tourists also that might come by in the area. Nothing is luxurious in Alla Madonna since it offers old fashioned style of restaurant which is real nice.

According to The Huffington Post, the menu caters everyone as it offers pretty much everything from fish to meat, vegetable dishes and soups. The waiter always knows what the best dish of the day is, so it is best to ask to experience the best Venetian cuisine on your visit.

Al Covino. This small but high quality restaurant that only has seven small tables and a kitchen in one room is just for small groups or for a romantic dinner in the Venetian town. The menu only offers three courses but costs a high pricing 38 euros. The selected courses are accompanied by a local organic wine which is amazing especially if you want to taste the local grape flavor.

Al Gondolieri. This restaurant is near tourist traffic but its traditional dishes which is mostly made of high quality red meat is a local favorite in Venice according to according to CN Traveller. The dining rooms are made of panelled wood which is old fashioned but very pleasing and comfortable for everyone.

Barbaria Delle Tolle. In this restaurant which is between two churches is a tourist free area making it a great place to relax and dine. This family-run restaurant is very simple, but it offers one of the best value seafood meals in Venice.

Caffe Del Doge. This local coffee company is located near the Rialto Bridge in Venice. It offers the best blends and local made cappuccinos that will melt your heart.

Cantina Do Mori. Here you can purchase tramezzini, which is the local white bread sandwich sliced into triangles filled with fillngs from radicchio, gorgonzola and speck to onions that are marinated and prepared with anchovies and different vegetables. The restaurant is open from monday to saturday.

Gatto Nero. Is restaurant is located on the island of Burano which is very accessible if you have water transportation. Their famous fegato alla Veneziana which is made of calf's liver and special Venetian white polenta is a must try. Their seafood dishes are also very nice which includes spider crabs and baby octopus to canocchia which is a prawn kind of seafood.

Lineadombra. This restaurant is one of Venice's lustrous restaurants. Their famous sea bass fillet cooked in salt crust while enjoying the whole scenic view of the Guidecca is one of the best places to chill and enjoy both food and scenery. For more of the latest news and amazing cuisines around the world please do visit Travelers Today.