Ending the holiday season madness with the New Year celebration, to Chinese the madness of the season is just started. On 28th January is the start of the Chinese year or Chinese New Year as per the Chinese calendar, the holiday which gives a ten days break. Most of the Holidays are known for family reunions but this time around Chinese have aimed to travel beyond borders for their holiday.

According to Forbes, the stats for this year travel will be six million more as compared to last year's travel stats. Travel to north and south Asia countries is about 67%, to Europe countries is 11% and other destinations 10%. The travel agency has revealed the most popular destinations for this year which includes, Indonesia Thailand Vietnam, South Korea, Philippines, and Singapore.

With increased number of travelers going beyond borders this year, the traditional area where the New Year has mostly celebrated Hong Kong and Macau, have been left with a little number of visitors this year. Meanwhile, countries like Thailand and USA ranks top in the traveling billboard, have increased their fares and those which have no visitors this year, for instance, Egypt have lowered their cost to 38% and some like the Philippines have remained stable.

As reported by Asia Times, the holiday is expected to begin on the 27th January, but some of the travelers are expected to travel on the 26th while international travelers will be traveling within the first four days of the holiday. The approximated time of stay to the abroad destinations is eight days but the stay is bound to increase since the majority of Chinese travelers will take extra off days. The reason anticipated for the increase of the traveling this holiday is, the ease of attaining visas to most of the destinations.