Are you a traveler? Have you always been feeling the urge to go around the world and see different places but has always seemed like your funds are never in support of your urge? Well here is some great news, you do not have to be rich to travel. Here are a few ways that can travel you travel without necessarily hurting your bank account.

According to Buzzfeed, working Overseas will help you survive in your destination despite your empty wallet. You would think this would be something difficult but trust me, as long as you are not too picky about the sort of work you would be doing, you will be very surprised at how easy it is to get a job. Recalling your travel mission is enjoying bartending, tour guiding, waitressing/waiting will unlock the fun side of your travel.

House sitting can solve your accommodation problem since you have an empty wallet. How does this work? Basically, sign up to housesit for a family that will be going on vacation. All you would have to do is take care of the house, maybe care for the residents' pets if any and voila! You have a free place to stay for the duration of your trip. There are lots of sites to sign up for house sitting they will be no hustle at all.

Reported by Nomadicmatt, sign up for a few travel credit cards, collect miles which can help you fly for free or at least get a cheaper flight. Getting cheaper flights is quite easy once you know the techniques to do it. Simple techniques include planning out the dates (Holiday dates are obviously more expensive), knowing which airlines to use for particular destinations, and the actual travel days you choose (weekdays tend to be cheaper than weekends for example). You can also volunteer to teach for free accommodation & food which mostly works for fluent in English speakers and those who can speak other languages than English.