There are special places for people who love to go budget shopping, for those who love to explore stalls, walking in an endless maze filled with all kinds of things. From souvenirs, arts, local street foods and all fine handmade crafts, bazaars and marketplaces are what those special places are called.

It's unavoidable to go to the nearest or biggest marketplace or bazaar when visiting a foreign place as they have so much to offer. The perfect souvenir(s) and crafts to bring home, for instance, might just be in there somewhere for a reasonable price. Here are the best marketplaces all over the world:

Mexico has so many things to offer, from the attractions, activities, food and more. But for souvenir hunting, in the residential area of Guadalajara, Mexico, where the Tonala Market is located, is the perfect place to be. The market is filled with all kinds of colorful crafts from Mexican textiles, glassware, furniture, artworks, ceramic, tinware and the like. There are more than a thousand of stalls selling different things to explore.

Chatuchak, Bangkok the biggest marketplace in the world. However, the marketplace mostly offers and focuses on local stuff. Although the marketplace is full of local finds, the good thing is that they sell the most unique crafts. "You run a much better chance of finding something you've never seen or even thought of before," Wendy Wurtzburger, Anthropologie's chief merchandising officer who has experienced the bargain shopping in Chatukak, stated.

Feria de San Pedro Telmo, Buenos Aires -this market had been existing since the year 1897 and still has the century charm. Today, as the tourists explore from stalls to stalls - festive and lively music, dancers and performers fill the streets for the purpose of entertainment. There are also tons of vintage finds in the market such as frocks, jewelry and more. Check out Travelers Today for more travel news and tips.