An Islam information stall was urged to shut down operations in a German Christmas market, thus sparking public outrage. Local officials had decided to request for the stall's closure due to the overwhelmingly negative response from local shoppers.

The tourist-friendly, picturesque Christmas market in Rüdesheim took over local and national news in Germany when government officials requested the closure of a Muslim-run stall. The stall in question was meant to be the market's very first stall to offer information on Islam and Pakistan.

Due to potential health risks, safety hazards, and public violence, the town's administration was forced to take action. After consulting with local police and executives from the holiday market, officials at city hall were forced to request for the voluntary dismantling of the Islam stall.

Rüdesheim mayor, Volker Mosler, told local news reporters that the closure of the stand did not come as an act of hate, but rather as a safety precaution. He moved to tell local reporters that the level of intolerance for the booth may pose security risks for the entire market.

The booth, established by members of the town's Ahmadiyya Islamic community, faced intolerance and persecution from local and foreign shoppers alike. According to a report by Metro UK, the outrage is generally directed to the booth's disassociation with the Christmas season.

Reports have also indicated that Muslims have also expressed outrage towards the Ahmadiyya-run booth. The Muslim argument centers on the community's false teachings and misinterpretation of the Quran.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a UK-based Islamic organization that claims recognizes the teachings of all religions, including teachings from Jesus, Moses, Confucius, Buddha and Krishna. The community imbibes that all religions converge to form the one true Islam.

The Islamic organization is known to reject all forms of religious terrorism and violence by stating that holy wars and battles have no place in Islam. According to the Alislam website, the community promotes peace, justice, and morality.