The city of splendor and luxury can't just give anything away for free isn't it? But, Dubai, the cosmopolitan city that spells stupendous in bold do have something tucked in for free for a lot of travelers. Burj-Al-Arab hotel welcomes people with grandeur; which also intimidates some into thinking if they could really afford to travel in Dubai. The great surprise is that you can splurge on a budget while in Dubai. Check out these things that you can do in Dubai absolutely for free:

Admission is free at the Camel Museum at the Al Shandigha Heritage Village.Take a tour on the varied sections of the museum which showcases the history of camels in Dubai. This is specifically intended to highlight the relationship between Arabian people and camels, camel anatomy, and camel racing.

Get mesmerized with the display of fountains in sync with music just right outside the Dubai Mall. According to National Geographic, the Dubai Fountain Display is dubbed as "the world's largest dancing fountain in the middle of the 30-acre Burj Khalifa Lake shoots water jets as high as 500 feet. The spectacle is accompanied by a music repertoire that includes Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, and, in the evenings, a light show so bright, say mall publicists, that it's visible from space." No wonder, you'd find a large crowd staring in amazement at these cascades of water fountain - All that you can watch for free. Just be sure to get in early so as to find the sweet spot.

Car Gazing Along "The Walk." If you are in the mood for flashy rides and don't wanna spend a buck on car museums, you still can catch the best view of the hottest cars at "The Walk" which is along the Jumeirah Beach Residence. You can catch these in the evenings or especially during Saturday nights.

Fitness buffs need not fret as they can join in a yoga class with "Friends of Yoga". This is a one-hour class that you can attend in five different locations in the city so you can shape up without getting shortchanged in the process.

Whether you are in the mood for a free movie on a rooftop or just to watch the glitz and glam on this city of gold. You need not spend a single dirham to afford entertainment and one heck of a good time here in Dubai.