The British-American drama television series, "Poldark" will be having its third season. The said series could possibly be shown on television on spring 2017 at BBC One Network. Fans cannot wait to see its upcoming season for numerous reports are circulating online that season 3 will be more dramatic and emotional. On the other hand, there are reports stating that new characters will be joining the cast.

The previous scenes show that Captain Ross cheated on Demelza by having an affair with Elizabeth. Demelza felt broken hearted and wanted to take revenge to his husband as she knew that Elizabeth is pregnant. In fact, Demelza speculates that the child of whom Elizabeth is carrying is from Ross' offspring. Season 2 of the said TV series left fans puzzled as the previous season is a cliff-hanger story.

There are reports stating that "Poldark" Season 3 will be more intense. In fact, a report from The Week hinted that Ross hasn't quite learned his lessons despite of what he did to Demelza. In a recent interview of the screenwriter Debbie Horsefield with Radio Times, she said that the storylines on the next season will be more dramatic.

"A fantastic array of new characters and a story which scales new heights of conflict, feuding, passion and drama," Horsefileld said. He added that there is a new set of characters who will be joining the show. As per Digital Spy, Josh Whitehouse, who plays as the aristocrat Hugh Armitage, his arrival will have significant consequences for Ross and his clan. Harry Richardson and Tom York will also be on set as they will play the character of Demelza's brothers, Drake and Sam.

In addition, Ciara Charteris will also arrive on set as Emma Tregirls, Sam's love interest. "Shameless" actor Seasn Gilder will play as Tholly Tregils, a reckless womanizer and Ellise Chappell will portray the character of Elizabeth's cousin Morwena. Chappell's character will soon become a governess to George Warleggan in "Poldark" Season 3.