A report by the Maryland Office of Tourism Development declared that over 40.5 million visitors came into Maryland in 2015 alone, which is six percent higher from the recorded tourists during 2014. The said agency, which is under the Maryland Department of Commerce, also revealed that the visitors in Maryland in the year 2015 has spent almost $17 billion on travel costs, making the rates up by 3.5 percent compared to the preceding year.

According to WCBM, Governor Larry Hogan affirmed that Maryland's tourism continues to be powerful, providing the substantial rate of employment and economic advantages for the local residents. Governor Hogan is a firm promoter for the development of the tourism industry and was the person behind the reopening of the two welcome centers of Maryland.

"The state and its partners are continuing to expand the visitor experience, and each year, we welcome more and more visitors to Maryland," Hogan added.

In a report by Washington's Top News, the rise in Maryland's tourism has already generated over 2 billion US dollars in state and taxes in the year 2015. The areas which covered 60 percent of tourist spending are transportation, accommodation, and food and beverages. Just in 2015, more than 143,000 citizens of Maryland were employed in order to answer for the growing demands in the tourism industry.

Mike Gil, secretary of Maryland Department of Commerce, said "Tourism plays a critical role in Maryland's economic development story, from workforce attraction to corporate expansion and retention. In addition, a vibrant tourism economy showcases our outstanding quality of life that makes Maryland a great place to live and work."

Tourism Economics, a company of Oxford Economics, conducted "The Economic Impact of Tourism in Maryland - Calendar Year 2015 Tourism Satellite Account". The results of this report are only accessible on a yearly surveying basis. However, performance metrics Tourism Promotion Act sales tax codes are more frequently accessible.