Europe is a marvelous place to travel. France, Spain, London-these are the most common destinations tourists enjoy. But do you know there is another country there that is not only so underrated, it also looks like something out of a fairy tale. The place I'm talking about? It's called Slovenia.

This beautiful country, located on southern Central Europe, is somewhat famous for their skiing. But aside from their beautiful mountain slopes, there are tons of other reasons why you should visit Slovenia. Here are some of the one-off experiences you shouldn't miss:

Kiss at the top of Bled Castle. You've probably watched or read Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Beauty and the Beast. All their storylines have medieval castles in them, and here in Bled Castle, its looks like the real thing. It's located at a steep cliff 100 meters above Lake Bled, an enchanting turquoise lake. Snow-capped mountains also provide a backdrop for the over-all view, making everything seems more magical.

Watch the sunrise at Slovenia's capital, Ljubljana. Unlike other European main cities, Ljubljana doesn't make you feel crowded. It doesn't even look like a city at all! It's placed in a bend in the pretty Ljubljanica River, with friendly people and quaint buildings. Jog or stroll through their streets at early morning and you'll be rewarded by a sunrise unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Taste the wine at Vipava Valley. Located west near the Italian border, Vipava Valley is heaven for wine enthusiasts. Its climate is perfect for wine-making; therefore a glass or even a sip of their red or white wine is incredibly superb. In here they also grow the indigenous Zelen or Pinela grapes, the main ingredients for Vipava Valley's fragrant white wines.

Take a glimpse of Postojna's "Baby Dragons". Postojna Cave is a famous Slovenian attraction, where tourists have been frequenting since the 1800s. Unusual stalactite, stalagmite and other rock formations are found here, but it's also the dwelling place of "proteus", a bizarre, pale amphibian only found on this part of Slovenia. It was dubbed as a baby dragon when it was first discovered in the 17th century; it's blind and can only navigate their surroundings using light-sensitive receptors. An incredible animal, you can only see it in Slovenia.