Everyone has their own experience of feeling unsteady after the holiday season. Luckily, there are some pretty inventive hangover remedies out there that could help you recover from the holiday season parties.

We have lined up some of the most interesting if not the best hangover cures around the world to ensure you can still wake up fresh the next day. Try these strange and weird hangover cures from around the world that actually might work at keep your thoughts at bay.

Pickled Plums of Japan. According to Skyscanner, these seriously sour plums delivers an unexpected hit to your saliva glands and are a favourite anti-hangover cure in Japan. If you can control yourself from the sour taste of it, then your in good hands on your way to recovery.

Beer in the Netherlands. The idea of drinking the day after drinking which is weird may be enough to make your stomach a bit better, a half or two of beer may just temporarily ease your hangover suffering. Just be careful because too much drinking the day after can bite your back twice.

Green Tea in China. As a great drink for over thousands of years to relieve hangover, some claim this natural hangover cure can also prevent cancer cells to build up, treat multiple sclerosis and stop Alzheimer's disease as well. A miracle drug in teabag form.

Leche de tigre or tiger's milk in Peru. This is a marinade used to cure fish according to Rough Guides. You can drink the soup from the bowl after you've finished eating or sip it from a glass on the side, but either way, the combination of lime, onion, chilli, garlic and fresh coriander will surely make you feel better after a long night.

A dip in the hotsprings in Iceland. If you have no appetite the day after the long party then a better cure for you is to dip in once of Iceland's beautiful pools. One of the best hot springs to go to is Landmannalauger, located just inland from the south coast, where hot water streams mix with cold water streams to create the perfect hot-bath temperature to ease the pain away. For more of the latest news and current events around the world please visit Travelers Today.