Slovenia is a charming country in south central Europe and just on the southeast of Austria. While it can also boast to have the Europe's highest bear populations and having more than 80 natural hot springs, it can now safely declare to be the hometown of a USA First Lady, Melania Trump. 

In fact,, the official travel guide by Slovenian tourist board, already added a section to Sevnica City, Slovenia as the birthplace of USA's first lady. Melania Trump, a Slovenia descent, is also the also the first foreign-born first lady in 191 years. She can speak up to four languages which are Slovenian, English, French and German. 

Melania Trump nationality is rooted in the beautiful Slovenia nation that is abundant with mountains, lakes, waterfalls and caves. It is filled with hidden jewels that have recently gained more interest after the famous Trump Presidential win. 

Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital is home to about 300,000 residents. This laid-back, picturesque city also houses the famous Ljubljana Castle. Travelers can also enjoy visiting the majestic Lake Bled and the Alps. Going along most paths in Ljubljana can lead you to the triple bridge across the capital's river. 

You can also find an 11th-century Bled Castle at Lake Bled. The hauntingly beautiful castle just settles along the snow-covered cliffs of Julian Alps. It is postcard worthy scenery that will leave travelers amazed and awed. And along the edge of Lake Bled, you will find the Triglav National Park. This is home to calming spring, towering trees, numerous trails, and caves. More than 60 percent of Slovenia is covered in forest. You can find about 80 indigenous trees in this beautiful country.

With its numerous caves such as the Postonja Caves and more, it offers a full packed experience for travelers who want to discover underground beauty. Travelers can enjoy exploring the limestone Skockjan caves, which is the largest underground gorge in Europe. It has about four miles of underground lakes, natural bridges, and waterfalls. This is why it is now considered by the UNESCO as a World Heritage site.