When you travel on a plane, once in a while you encounter odd behavior from people. The problem is when the behavior becomes uncomfortable or annoying for other people. Like this one passenger who decides to take off his pants during the rest of the flight. The incident was posted on Twitter by comedian Kumail Nanjani.

Nanjiani documented this horrifying experience on Twitter. He was seated near the passenger--after 20 minutes when the man was on his seat, he removed his pants and was left with his boxer shorts. This was for the entire flight. And as if this was not enough, the man put both his feet up on the wall, further adding to the discomfort of the other passengers.

The man was not in coach. Of course this is not allowed anywhere on the plane. He was seated in the first row, in prime view of anyone entering the plane. After 4 hours, a flight attendant finally asked the passenger to please put his feet down in consideration of other passengers. He did, only to put one feet up again after 5 minutes, as if in defiance. He was also rude. If he did not get the attention of the attendants right away, he would slam his fist on the armrest.

The The incident happened just last Dec.26, 2016, during a 5.5 hour flight. When the plane was about to land and the seatbelt sign was on, the man stood on the aisle and put on his pants, in full view of the other passengers. Clearly, he has no regard for air travel norms and rules.

The passenger was not even sanctioned. He got away with it. No airport police or anybody was waiting for him when he arrived.