If you're a parent with young kids, you might want to read on. Travelling with a baby is a challenge, not to mention a mess. Here are some of the biggest mistakes parents make when travelling with tots.

Kids often get too attached with a personal item, like a blanket or a pillow, or sometimes, they really just have this favorite toy that they can't live without. Do not forget to pack them! Or else, your entire trip will be ruined by your little one's tantrum.

Be sure to pack enough clothes. Better safe than sorry, right? You know how kids really just love to be messy, so it's best to bring extra clothes, because you really won't know when you're going to need them. Also, do not forget to bring lots of diapers and wet wipes, especially if it will be a long travel, SheBudgets said.

We live in a world where technology is a need, so be sure to charge your cellphones and other gadgets. When your kids get cranky, you can always just have them watch their favorite movies of play their favorite mobile game to pass the time.

And don't ever forget to bring snacks! If you think airplane snacks won't please your kids, pack their favorites. Also, don't try to save space by forgetting your baby's stroller. It wouldn't be fun carrying your kid around while on trip.

Don't wear uncomfortable shoes. Celia Rao Visconti, Vice President for Global Marketing and E-commerce, shared her experience while traveling: "Racing for a flight in heels has been challenging, so I carry a pair of flip-flops in my bag to change into and assure I make my flights and protect my feet." Don't make the same mistake she did.