Traveling is exhausting especially in massive towns like Rotterdam to roam around. Fortunately, this southern gem is full of world class bars, pubs, and breweries that are guaranteed to keep your spirits high after a long exhausting day through city. Here are some of the best bars in Rotterdam that offer the best places to relax.

Suicide Club. Take a lift off the Handelsgebouw service elevator to the eighth floor and exit into the bustle of the kitchen. As bar staff dance past in signature Jasna Rokegem dresses, join the al fresco beau monde for a cabana cocktail among the greenery of the Suicide Club's rooftop.

Level. Here you can find authentic cocktails made from their very own bartenders.Their experienced bartenders keep things very simple and mixes perfectly making it a balanced drink that is made from the best international liquors.

Cafe Strano. According to The Culture Trip,this place is one of Rotterdam's best nightlife locations as it has been going very strong for many years. The bar began in the underground and started out as a gay club that grew into a trendy cocktail and brewery lounge. As of current time, Strano stays true to its heritage and continues to host amazing gay nights as tradition.

Panenka. This classy sports bar according to Lonely Planet take sports like football very seriously which bases the bar schedules around the season's championship season. The large lounge space is made out of hard wood furnishing and contains several leather couches that look onto Panenka's massive television screens where the game is being seen.

BAR. This venue has been around the city of Rotterdam since 2011 and is located within a large complex right next to the Central Station. The location allows BAR to have events throughout the city and helps people to remember the true nature of Rotterdam. The venue focuses more on concerts and events but guests also come out to hangout in the bar once in a while to chill and have a good time. For more of the latest news and current events around the world feel free to visit Travelers Today.