"Persona 5" was developed by Atlus for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 platforms, and will remain exclusively for the PS platforms. On the other hand, "Yakuza 0" which is developed and published by Sega will also be remaining at the same game platforms as "Persona 5."

According to IGN, both games will not be having a Nintendo Switch version and this was confirmed by Atlus USA and Sega of America PR manager John Hardin on his twitter post. John Hardin quoted, "No Switch. No PC. Idk about the box label, that's a Sony thing." After Nintendo Switch was announced, both video game companies made some plans to support the game console.

SEGA has announced last year that there will be a new "Sonic" game for the new console this 2017, which has a title still unrevealed. Both games are also not going to be released on PC and Xbox One which has been made clear based on some reports. However, there is a possibility that they will be released on other platforms with the exclusion of the three platforms mentioned.

According to I Digital Times, just short before the holidays, Sony released a new list of PlayStation games for 2017 through a promotional video, which has featured both "Persona 5" and "Yakuza 0" as PlayStation 4 console exclusive. Plenty of rumors about the PC and Nintendo Switch release for both games have been dealt with by John Hardin this week, and it has been pretty much debunked by John Hardin.

Since both games will not be having a Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC platform release it is possible that the revenue for both games will be below par. Moreover, this might drag the total profit of both Atlus and SEGA, which might make this year the lowest point of their game franchises.

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