The British soap opera, "Eastenders" is one of the longest-running television series of BBC One. On its previous episode, it was shown that Mitchell sisters, Ronnie and Roxy died dramatically in a pool incident. There were reports leaked online that fans were in dismay as they reacted on the tragic pool death of Mitchell sisters. On the other hand, it was reported that Bex Fowler might leave the show.

On its previous episode, it was shown that the tragedy struck on the wedding day of Ronnie Mitchell. As it was previously shown, Roxy told her sister, Ronnie that she wouldn't be coming on her wedding. Moreover, Ronnie felt undecided whether she would marry Jack or not. Unfortunately, Ronnie had a change of heart, leaving Jack on the altar and the bride dramatically run away.

After what was happened on Ronnie's wedding, another misfortune happened. Roxy's life ended with a pool death tragedy. As the news released by Huffington Post, her sister, Ronnie Mitchell wanted to save her life as she jumped into the swimming pool. In her bad luck, she was also drowned in the pool leaving them dead together.

Fans were in dismay as two of their favorite characters died tragically. Besides, it was reported by Digital Spy that vivid fans and followers addressed their frustration as they posted via Twitter. In fact, numerous fans show disappointments that there wasn't more of a fallout on the said scenario.

On the other hand, there were speculations leaked online that Jasmine Armfield's character as Bex Fowler in "Eastenders" might be leaving the show. According to Radio Times, it was reported that Bex might have an exit. On its recent episode, Bex was having an on-off relationship with Shakil until the couple separated their ways. Perhaps, this might be the reason that Bex should start a new life away from her past relationship.