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'The Crown' Creator Says Princess Diana Will Be Introduced In Season 3, Season 2 To Focus On Prince Philip And Prince Charles

Travelers Today       By    Yosarrian Nino

Updated: Jan 02, 2017 09:31 PM EST

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Princess Diana Will Be Introduced In Season 3 Of The Crown, Season 2 To Focus On Prince Philip And Prince Charles
Princess Diana will be introduced towards the end of The Crown Season 3, while season 2 will focus on Prince Charles and Prince Philip.
(Photo: Netflix US & Canada/YouTube)

"The Crown" Season 3, a hit Netflix series that shows the life of Queen Elizabeth, will be focusing on her husband Prince Philip and a young Prince Charles. Princess Diana, on the other hand, will be introduced towards the end of Season 3.

Peter Morgan, the creator, and writer of "The Crown," told People during an interview that the second season of the hit series will focus on the life of Prince Philip, the husband of the queen. It will dive more into his background, his childhood and upbringing.

Morgan said that they'll be focusing on "Philip and his back story." Suzanne Mackie, the executive producer of "The Crown," adds that they plan to show how Philip's childhood and upbringing "might have impacted him as a man, a father and as Prince Consort - which is fascinating."

Prince Philip was recently in South Africa together with the production team. They were there filming the part of the prince's Commonwealth tour.

Aside from Prince Philip, Morgan also plans to start introducing Prince Charles in the series more. They plan to show the eldest son and the direct heir to the crown as a young boy and the education that he underwent.

The new series, which will debut in late 2017, will be picking up where it left off in the first season. The time gap would happen when season 3 rolls in where Princess Diana will be introduced towards the end of the season.

The late princess will also be the focus of season 4 and season 5, Morgan revealed. Several of the main characters will be replaced with older actors to facilitate the time jump that will take place when Prince Charles and Princess Diana meet in 1977.

Julie Miller of The Vanity Fair said that it would be interesting to see how "The Crown" will show the meeting of Diana and Charles, who was dating Diana's sister at that time. The world sympathized with Diana when she became a princess, compared to Charles who was considered as less photogenic and less P.R. savvy.

Miller, though, believes Morgan will likely provide a different perspective to Charles, similar to what he did with "The Queen," where Charles was shown as a responsible and caring father. Check out the trailer of "The Crown" in the video below.

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