The Sydney Opera House has widely been known to be one of Australia's best landmarks that holds multi venue art performances. This place is not just any other arts theatre since it holds a very famous and distinctive design that makes it unique and stand by on its very own.

Even if you haven't been to Australia, you may have likely heard about this famous world heritage landmark and what it looks like. The building is covered with red granite base and gleaming white pearl colored roof, around it surrounds shell shaped sail covered consisting of millions of tiles.

The Sydney Opera House opens its doors to almost over four million visitors every year making it one of the best destinations to come in Australia. Here are some facts about the Sydney Opera House according to The Travel Junkie.

This place was designed through a competiton. The design was based on Danish architect Jørn Utzon who won the building design competition, his design was a building blending into the harbor as continuous as the sailing ships.

Australians hated the idea building the Opera House. As like any other builidng project, planning the Opera House did not go so well for the Australians due to the increasing costs. The project took four years just to build to roof sails alone.

After 16 years, the Sydney Opera House construction was finished, the projects total cost was $102 million which was insane and too much for that time making every state lottery pay for the project. Though, after the Opera House was finished, it attracted tourists around the world making it one of the greatest iconic landmarks in the world.

France helped Australia build the iconic Opera House. The unique Topaz glass which is only custom crafted in France and the tower crances which costs $100,000 was neccessary to jack up the roof sails.

Sydney Opera House has the largest mechanical organ. The Concert Hall's Grand Organ features 10,154 pipes which is the largest on Earch to date.

The Sydney Opera House does not only host operas. According to Travel and Leisure, the iconic landmark also hosts pretty much everything now which involves comedy to cabaret, concerts and more.

For the seating capacity and guest total, the building can host up to 1.5 million guests at performances every single year. This makes it one of the largest to accumulate a population of guests around the world.

The Sydney Opera House may one day allow guests to spend a night or two in six of its wings. A proposal was submitted and if approved then this might add up to the statistics the iconic landmark receives each year. For more of the latest news and current events stay tuned to Travelers Today.