The New Year is an excellent time to travel and enjoy the holiday season in different cities and destinations with different cultures as well rather than staying home and waiting for the countdown next year.

Exploring a different vibe and almost understanding how a culture is built during the New Year in another state or country is one way to spend time with your significant other on your chosen romantic getaway trip. Here are some romantic locations in the country and overseas that you could visit in lieu of the New Year.

If you are into cabins, a quiet place, drinking wine with your loved one, and a classic fireplace then there are cabins that are for rent in Lake Placid located in New York City according to Home Away. For people who would like to explore the city it is best to choose Chicago, Illinois, there you could rent a condominium, have a wine, see the high skyscrapers around and more.

If you want to chill by the sea side, head over to Maui, Hawaii. with the clear water and humid weather, relaxing in Maui is one to remember and cherish with your partner. If you do not like snow then this is the place to be during the New Year.

Love music? Then no worries as New Orleans offers the best music from Jazz to Blues and more. There is no other city that has reputation for partying than New Orlean.

For out of the country locations, you could try to visit and explore Ocho Rios, Jamaica. According to Travel and Leisure, the tropical climate of Jamaica is an excellent choice if you want to escape the freezing cold temperatures. Taking a trip to the Almond Tree Restaurant in the Hibiscus Lodge to see the whole view of the ocean while having dinner will take your breath away.

Another country to visit is the French Capital Paris, France. Paris has always been known to be the city of eternal love making it a special place during the holiday season for lovers and couples.

For the New Year, there is no better place for lovers than Paris during the holidays. You and your loved one could take a trip to Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte located just outside Paris for you to see a beautiful castle in the area or if not, you could visit Seine River to take your dinner while cruising. For more of the latest details and current news feel free to visit Travelers Today.