Picking up from the previous discussion, every unique traveler has his or her own reasons for exploring territories away from home. Hence, these specific reasons define what type of traveler they are.

Each of these tourist personas is defined by their certain interest and lifestyle. Knowing these archetypes can help one choose his or her destination as well as the kind of traveling group or program they want to subscribe into.

Culture Pilgrim

These types of travelers are more likely to create their own travel guidebooks. They do not necessarily have a very strict itinerary but their choice of local sites ought to be 'historically important.' In other words, they are the traveler's version of a geek who views everything through the academic lens. Their top tourist destinations include heritage sites, monuments, museums, art galleries and traditional shops.

Nature Lover

Judging by the word itself, most of these types of travelers could not wait to board the next 4x4 that will take them as far away from civilization as possible. Nature lovers occupy a diverse spectrum of travel personas. They can be the adventurous type who loves white-rafting through strong fluvial currents, or the laidback camper who enjoys a cup of tea in an evening desert safari. They can either be academic about it, or they tread the path of an existential soul-searcher. Bottom line: wildlife is 'the' life.  

Mobile Explorer

When it comes to their specific interests, these types of travelers are pretty much eclectic and flexible. But what stands out is their particularly fast-paced nomadic style. For these types of travelers, a spectacular vacation means 'hitting the road with a relentless fury.' Mobile explorers consider the RV as a five-star luxury accommodation.    

Business Traveler

These types of travelers are unique. While others travel solely for vacation, the business traveler goes to other places because he is 'on duty.' For this traveler persona, visiting a specific location means he or she is either attending a conference, covering a press story, or exploring a promising investment opportunity. In any case, it is hard (if not impossible) for business travelers to trek without doing important work.