There are places on this planet that are odder than the most strange landscapes we have ever thought of. Places that make your spine tingled and your hair stand. Places that prompt dense breathing and paranoia, before anything has even happened. We walk the murky, grimy steps of old castles and houses.

Riddle House

Riddle House in Palm Beach County, Florida, was formerly a funeral parlor. Karl Riddle privately owned the house in 1920. Gizmocrazed reported that Joseph, one of Riddle's previous employees, committed suicide and hanged himself in the house's attic. Joseph, for whatever reason, was said to hate men and shows this hate by confronting men who go in the attic. One man had a cover flung at his head, since then, men are no longer allowed to enter or be in the attic. Other rooms in the house are haunted as well; furniture was reported being moved frequently.


Helltown is an eerily blunt moniker of the Northern part of Summit County in Ohio. In the 70's, Boston Township was the site of mass eviction of citizens. The houses were planned to be torn down and the land used for a national park, but the plans never quite manifested. Whether founded on a grain of truth or invented in the heads of creative visitors, the tenacious legends of Helltown add to the crawl factor. If you get stuck at one dead end for too long, according to ghost story fanatics, you may encounter your end at the influences of many members of the endless procession of freaks touring the woods.

The Ridges

The Ridges was originally known as the Athens Lunatic Asylum. It was rechristened after the state of Ohio developed the property. The Ridges is recorded as the 13th most haunted place in the world, according to the British Society for Psychical Research. Billy Milligan, the infamous rapist with Dissociative Identity Disorder, was contained at the facility for years. The most popular story; however is that of a 54-year-old lady patient who ran away and disappeared for six weeks. She was later found dead in an unused ward. She subsequently died with her clothes taken off, neatly folded them, and laid down on the cold concrete. Her spirit is said to haunt the abandoned ward according to Listverse.