Malaysia is one of the best countries to in Asia. It is one of the countries which offer the peninsula and the Borneo which is a shared island of Indonesia and Brunei. Malaysia features some of the best tourist' attractions in the world just like the Malaysian jungle, granite peaks, and the remote tribes. If you are looking for a place of history and modernization, then Malaysia is a good place to stay.

Here are the most amazing destinations that you can choose to go in this Southeast Asian country.

1. Kuala Lumpur - This is one of the famous cities in Malaysia where you can find the famous Petronas Towers. This is also the capital city of Malaysia which is one of the favourite locations of visitors. There you can find the beautiful skyline of the country, and of course, the KL tower is a must-see. According to the Wonderlist, Kuala Lumpur has an excellent transport system.

2. Malaysian Borneo - This is the best location when looking for rainforest and wildlife attraction. This is the third of the largest islands in Malaysia where you can find mesmerizing wonders of nature.

3. Selangor - One of the most developed and most populated destinations in Malaysia is the Selangor. The place offers its famous national zoo and theme parks with numerous indoor activities to do. It also has hot shopping zones and is the city's gambling capital you can ever find.

4. Taman Negara - This is a Malaysian term which means "national park". This is one of the oldest tropical rain forests that you can ever find in Malaysia. It features different attractions like trees, waterfalls, and jungle treks and has recorded the largest canopy in the world.

5. Mount Kinabalu - If you are looking for an adventure then climbing the highest mountain in Borneo is a must-try. This mountain has been known worldwide for its botanical and biological species, Touropia reported.