Just how vital is an employee's set of uniform to her performance and well-being at work? As it turns out, it is, positively vital, for the flight attendants of the American Airlines. The said flight attendants have asserted that the new work attire issued to them is causing detrimental effect on their health.

In a report, about 300 flight attendants have expressed to the management about the irritation and itchiness impacted on their skin. Moreover, some staff have taken sick leave due to the health issues like headache and fatigue posed by the clothing. These incidents were also brought to the attention of the management.

To rectify the matter, those affected flight attendants were allowed to wear their past uniforms. Furthermore, they will shoulder the medical expenses of those who were affected, as requested by Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA). The carrier has also formed a call center to cater to the complaints.

Association of Professional Flight Attendants is acting as the mediator to the issue. It has given a recommendation to the airline's management to either discontinue the use of the new uniforms or allow the crew to use the former uniforms.

As a result of all these complaints, the company has decided to conduct its 4th test run of the new uniforms which were issued to its 70,000 employees this year. It will be noted that the airline company had run 3 tests to ensure the overall quality and safety before releasing them for use.  Ron De Feo Vice President, Global Communications, even stated that the company is confident in the uniforms.

American Airlines is one of the primary international air carriers in Texas and is part of the Oneworld alliance. It has been existing since 1934, after its reorganization.

From this situation, it could be understood that air crew uniforms are not just put out for merely an exhibition of design and style. It has to be beneficial to the overall work performance and well-being to its users.