Pana makes traveling easier and convenient. And the best thing about it is that now it is free to download and use.

According to Tech Crunch, Pana is a traveling app that will allow you to organize your travel plans. This travel companion also offers trip alters, which users can completely customize. When the travel app was first launched, it was free to download but certain services such as 24/7 travel concierge were only offered on its paid subscription. This may have limited its market reach.

Just this week, Pana launched its version 3.0 update. In the said update, a wide range of in-app features that would benefit from Pana's hands-on services for all types of fliers. Travelers can get real-time travel alerts such as gate changes, flight delays, and other important travel updates, according to Pana. Other users whom you have shared your itinerary with can also get the same travel notifications.

"The app had originally started as a side project," as explained by Devon Tivona, Hana CEO. "But the team soon saw the opportunity to take on the existing itinerary apps by offering a more modern, free alternative," he added further.

The new update offers users a travel companion that allows you to access your trip information. You can also plan and organize your trip even if you do not have internet access. You can download the Pana free to use app on iOS.

It is simple to use. You just need to connect Hana to your email inbox and you can choose to forward your plans as they arrive. Hana will automatically organize your trip details such as your airline and hotel bookings. It will also include car rentals, restaurant reservations and anything related to your trip into a live itinerary.

Simply access your app to view your itinerary or any other travel details. You can also share your itinerary with your family, friends and travel companies, as needed. With this, it is now easier to collaborate and get updates for your travel. With its offline mode feature, it is more accessible to view your trip date regardless of internet access limitations.