With the rapid movement of technology these days, individuals need not look that far to spice up their life. The world of apps has become a platform for people to build up their courage. Some have enhanced their pick-up lines and ended with a blissful relationship. Others have gone on disastrous dates. How about you? Will you give these popular free dating apps a go in your life this year? 

Here is a list of dating apps that you can bookmark if you plan to do some serious dating this coming year. Good luck and godspeed!

For travelers on adventure, Adventurely might be worthy of an effort. Here you may find chums who could visit an art gallery with you or who could be your partner to hit the Muay Thai class. You can find a roster of activities and buddies for these in this highly well-liked app.

Another travel dating app that could lead you to great companionship is the Miss Travel. Using this app will introduce you to a big community of travelers who share the same travel escapades and passion.

There are dating apps not just for travelers but also for professionals as well. Consider trying The League app which allows users to scrutinize and filter a match within their league. As their tag line says, The League is for those who are meticulous and would like to date intelligently.

An addition to options for professionals is Belinked app which is connected to the prominent website Linkedin. Belinked provides a safe network because the genuine profiles are culled from Linkedin.

For singles who would like to meet someone from their own race, there are location-based dating apps like MiCrush and Urban Singles. Micrush helps Hispanic Americans to locate people of similar background while Urban Singles is for African-Americans.

Another niche in the dating scene are the fitness buffs and wellness enthusiasts. There are apps that cater to them such as Sweatt and True Swolemates Users can anticipate a possibility of socializing and working out, too.

It has been said that a way to someone's heart is through the stomach. Yes, there are apps for staunch foodies, too. Enjoy gastronomy in a potential company by using the apps Veggie Matchmakers and SamePlate. Linking up with a vegan partner might sound difficult but Vegan Matchmakers is out to help. Same Plate on the other hand, encourages you to post a pic of your favorite food and it matches you with someone who prefers the same food.

As the brand new year unfolds, take your dating life to the next level. Will you give these apps a try?