There are other ways to find companions around the globe aside from the good old tried-and-tested Tinder. Travelers Today presents you with 5 best dating apps that would make your solo travels interesting.


Planning a trip to Coachella but your all your friends bailed out on you? Tripr can help you out. Days before you go to your travel destination, connect with travelers and locals with the same interest. Download the app, update your itinerary, and start looking for people who are in the place or are planning to go to that place.


This is a location-based dating app that connects people with the same interests. If you are in a bar and want to meet other travelers, just open the app and search. It has a travel feature that allows fellow travelers to meet other people while traveling. It separates its teen users from its adult users. Skout has 10 million users currently.


Sometimes, solo travelers are looking for companions too when they visit places. Tourbar allows you to connect with a stranger to do things together during your vacation. You can dine, watch a movie, dance, climb a mountain, watch a show, dive, parasail, surf, drink, or tour the area with your newfound friend. The activities are up to you. Open the apps and look at the endless choice of activities that are available in that area.

Miss Travel

Miss Travel proudly advertises itself as "Tinder for travelers". It aims to find friends for lonely travelers. Since 2012, the app has been popular with single people. What makes this app unique is its feature ability to offer a trip to a fellow user. Miss Travel promises to help you connect with a possible lover, promptly changing your trip to a date.


Consider Ventoura as a dating app that gives you a chance to share your experience with people. You can chat with other people who are in the same place to suggest an activity. You can also invite travelers to come to your hometown where you can host them.