A survey shows that more than 103 million Americans will travel this holiday season breaking 2015's record of 100 million Americans traveling for the holiday. Some American travelers have jump-started their holiday vacations to beat the enormous traffic and snow buildup that could slow them down.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) braces itself for more than 103 million Americans traveling across the country. According to ABC's 16 WNEP Station, Pennsylvania State Police are warning drivers that more patrols would target speeders and individuals driving under the influence of alcohol. The news website added that Turnpike officials are expecting 4.5 million drivers during the holidays.

To avoid travel delays and hassles, the AAA is reminding travelers to get to the airport at least 90 minutes earlier and check their flight status through their smartphone to ensure their flight arrives on schedule. Travelers are also reminded to keep an ID handy and not to wear lots of jewelry or belts if possible. The AAA expects about 6 million people to fly to their destinations and about 91 per cent of the travelers going by road.

The AAA also issues reminders for road travelers by checking their car's antifreeze, keep an emergency kit that contains a mobile phone, a car charger, blankets, batteries, flashlights and battery booster cables. Drivers are also advised to check their tire pressure occasionally as the winter cold could reduce tire inflation and tension needed for smooth transportation.

Last year, Americans had a record of 100 million holiday travelers by December. According to a report by the World Property Journal in 2015, the AAA during the year estimated about 100.5 million travelers has journeyed more than 50 miles from their homes in the last year. As the AAA marked it the seventh consecutive year of year-end holiday growth, 2016 comes as the eight consecutive growth year.

Last year, the AAA said the continued improvement in the labor market, rising incomes and lower gas prices that boosted the number of travelers. In 2016, the continued improvement of the US' employment rate despite higher gas prices -- along with cheaper travel destinations -- are the reasons for increased holiday travels.