One's Singapore trip will never be complete without hanging around the famous Universal Studios. It is definitely a haven for both young and adult who are trying to experience fun and great adventure. Universal Studios is not only an amusement park but it is also the best place to go for extreme and nerve-cracking rides.

The Never Ending Voyage has spotted five of the most fun adventures that you must dare to try in the Universal Studio.

1. A ride at the Battlescar Galactica - One of the extreme rides that you really have to try in the park. It is a new kind of roller coaster which is somewhat inverted that represents like a cyclon. It has multiple inversions that will definitely make you scream and shout the entire ride. With just a little of your Singaporean dollars, this ride will really give you a one-of-a-kind fun!

2. Transformers: The Ride - One of the all-time favourite rides in the Universal Studios is when you get to ride with its famous Transformer robots. It is a 3D ride where you wear glasses and sit on the transformer robot. This is one of the most sought after rides in the park.

3. The Revenge of the Mummy - It is almost similar with the Transformers only that you are not going to wear a 3D glass. Tourists are going to ride a jeep where you will be searching for an Egyptian tomb. This is like a combination of roller coaster and a haunted house. This is one of the most exciting things to try and scream out in 15 minutes.

4. Jurassic Park Adventure - This is one of the best river rafting adventure according to Travel Yourself Today. If you are looking for the best water soaking adventure, then this ride is a must-try. If you find yourself uncomfortable of being wet, you can also find drying pads for just $5.

5. The Waterworld - This is one of the most amazing constructed theatres inside the studio. There are several performers who are really good and committed to their roles. There are multiple shows that you can choose to watch in a day.