Matthew Kepnes or "Nomadic Matt", an American travel expert says that you can still travel the world even if you have little to no money. One should have traveling as a priority if one wants to be able to save for it. This means instead of spending on gadgets, other stuff or goes shopping, one saves for travel.

 "Matthew Kepnes, or "Nomadic Matt", is an American travel expert, New York Times bestselling author, and blogger. He and his writing have been featured in the New York Times, CNN, National Geographic, Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and BBC." Source: Wikipedia Nomadic Matt 

The author has received questions of no money as the most asked question. The author has been writing about this concern many times in his posts, emails, tweets, and Facebook posts. Here he shares some tips on how this can be done:

Work Overseas.

You might not be making enough money in your job. So why not work abroad? Anyway, it's not a career you're building, but a way to save for your travels. There are many jobs available abroad, like being a bartender or hostel worker.

Teach English Overseas.

Matt funded his trips by teaching in Thailand. Many others made thousands of dollars by teaching English in South Korea.

Stay With Locals For Free.

There is a site called Couchsurfing where you get to connect with locals and get accommodations for free. Sometimes you get a room, sometimes a couch, sometimes an air mattress, but it's always free.

Using The Sharing Economy.

Sites like Airbnb and Couch sharing have changed the travel game and made travel more accessible for everyone. You get to connect with locals. Locals know which supermarket is cheapest, which stores offer the best sales, and where to find the hole-in-the-wall bars and restaurants with the best-tasting food at the lowest prices. Talking directly to them gives you access to that knowledge.

Cook Your Meals.

Cooking one's own meals will save you a lot. Anyway, one does not have to eat out always. If you are Couch sharing, hosts usually have their own kitchens. Pack your own container and silverware and make some sandwiches and salads on the go.

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