Live actions movies may be a hit or miss for some films but this definitely did not stop Japanese Producers to create "Blade Of Immortal" Live Action. With their latest release update, they showed previews of Rin Asano to excite moviegoers.

 「 Still image of #HanaSugisaki #杉咲花 from live-action film “#BladeoftheImmortal” #無限の住人. Starring #TakuyaKimura #木村拓哉 , #SotaFukushi #福士蒼汰, #HayatoIchihara #市原隼人, #ErikaToda #戸田恵梨香, #EbizIchikawa #市川海老蔵, #ChiakiKuriyama #栗山千明, #ShinnosukeMitsushima #満島真之介 & #KenKaneko #金子賢 」 #AsianWiki . Plot: Manji's (Takuya Kimura) younger sister is killed in front of him. With his wrecked body, he takes revenge for his younger sister. A mysterious woman appears in front of Manji. She gives him eternal youth and immortality. Rin Asano’s parents are killed by the swordsmen group "Itto ryu” and her parents’ fencing studio is destroyed. To take revenge for her parents' death, she asks Manji to be her guard. Rin and Manji begin their fight against "Itto ryu”. . Release Date: April 29, 2017 . Notes: 1. Based on the manga series "Mugen no Junin" by Hiroaki Samura (published from June 25, 1993 to December 25, 2012 in Monthly Afternoon). . 2. Filming begins November, 2015. . 3. First time actor Takuya Kimura has worked with director Takashi Miike. . 4. Hana Sugisaki still image from live-action film “Blade of the Immortal.”

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"Blade of Immortal" is without a doubt one of the most anticipated films of the live-action selections for 2017. This film is the first collaboration work between one of the most creative directors in Japan, Takashi Miike, and Japanese heartthrob, Takuya Kimura. Kimura plays the lead character, Manji, an immortal ronin warrior. Hana Sugisaki will play Rin Asano who is one of the main characters of the live action film.

Movie stills featuring the actress were released to increase excitement towards the film, according to Anime News Network. Manji plays the laid-back but brutal swordsman bodyguard of 16-year-old Rin who is on a quest of seeking vengeance against a team of sword fighters who massacred her parents, according to Comic Vine. She is also the sole survivor of Mutenichi-ryū, her father's sword school, after all, students including her father when she was 14-year old. Her mother was abused and kidnapped by the assailants.

As characterized in the anime, Rin Asano is often seen wearing a red kimono with a bright blue flame design on the skirt and sleeves area. The film is now in post-production and is set to release in Japan on April 29, 2017. And with the manga's worldwide popularity, manga enthusiast all over the world have yet to wait for its English release.

Previously, "Blade of Immortal" released movie stills of Ichikawa Ebizo on set dressed in Eiku Shizuma costume in the movie. And with their release of Hana Sugisaki As Rin Asano stills, the anticipate for the movie's next year release is brewing. Warner Bros. Japan also reviewed a short web version of the film's teaser trailer.