After the recent patch that got out a couple of days ago, "Final Fantasy XV" is finally getting its first free DLC this coming December 22nd. If this would be a lot bigger than the 9 GB patch that went out prior is something fans can't tell yet.

Siliconera reported that Square Enix made the official announcement regarding the "Holiday Pack Plus" and the standard "Holiday Pack" for its latest game, "Final Fantasy XV." The DLC pack will automatically be added Season Pass holders, though there's a free version for players that have only purchased the base version of the game.

However, the release date of December 22nd announced was for the Japanese version of the game. There's a good chance that the North American version of the game will also get the additional content on the same date, but the site has yet to confirm it.

Gamespot also reported that one of the most anticipated features in the DLC is the New Game Plus mode. This feature is said to let players carry over the save data from a completed game to an entirely new game. This feature makes the most sense for those who are planning to see the revised Chapter 13th and some missed quests along the road.

Fortunately enough, both DLC packs contain the same set of outfits plus accessories that can be equipped by the protagonist, Noctis. There's also the inclusion of the carnival ticket that will give players access to the Moogle Chocobo carnival event that will be held on January 2017.

The only difference between the standard Holiday Pack and those with the Season Pass are the additional booster and photo frames that can be added for in-game snapshots. This might also be an added feature with Prompto's unique photography skill for random in-game snaps. Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game will be getting the DLC on December 22nd in Japan and possibly a few days after with the US version of "Final Fantasy XV."