Dubai is always on the road to outdoing itself with newer, bigger and better hotels, skyscrapers, malls and even golf courses. It seems that it will bank another record in its belt with the country's plan to built the largest airport in the world.

Though Dubai is already a major international hub, the world's biggest airport, according to Bloomberg. This is a huge welcome to its increasing air traffic over the past years. It was reported by Travel and Leisure that Dubai has an increase of 13 percent traffic at the airport over the past five years.


The new airport is expected to be140 square kilometer and will be located in the middle of Dubai World Central. The billion dollars development includes logistics area, office buildings, residences and a massive golf course. The city will potentially spend about $35.7 billion on the Al Maktoum International Airport and turn it into the biggest airport in the world that will spread across 35,000. It will likely have the capacity to accommodate about 220 million travelers per year. This multi-billion investment on the airport will be completed in an estimated duration of 12 years.

Dubai is also known being one of the busiest airports in the world. Last year there were about 78 million people who passed through the airport. This year this numbers is expected to reach about 83 million and it is forecasted to increase next year to 90 million. With the amount of international passengers accessing its terminal as well as its domestic passengers, the new plans of expanding the airport is a welcome change.

Dubai's second airport will get its much-needed boost to help cater to the increasing number of travelers going inbound and also outbound. Given its stature as an international hub and gateway to other countries, this will definitely increase its capacity to cater more passengers and more inbound and outbound flights.