Whether you eat to live or live to eat, you have to eat good food. If you are a traveler, the foods served in your multiple destinations play a bigger part in your decision for travel. Also, did you know that there are people who travel around the world and to exotic places just because of the food? Why? Food is important and a big part of people's cultures.

However, whether you are travelling for business, adventure, and fun, you will need to eat at the best places or just the best food in the area. Here are the tips to finding the best restaurants and places to eat around the world:

1. Take online searches

This is the most convenient way of finding places to eat before visiting these countries. If you need everything planned out before travelling, then web search engines are your best friend. There are multiple restaurants and eat out locations online for different countries.

Visit all the possible sites for online reviews. Thoughts of past tourists help in making decisions on where to eat or even stay. Alongside reviews, you will also get the price range for food and this will help you in budgeting. Even the most spontaneous people have some budget they work with.

2. Ask your friends

Some online reviews aren't trustworthy and in other cases, the best restaurant in a remote exotic place maynot be on internet. What do you do then? Talk to your travel buddies or any travel bloggers you know of. Note that your acquaintances, business partners, and strangers have information you don't have. So, ask and/or listen.

3. Explore

You can only get so much information online. Even when you are equipped with all the information about a city or a village, there is always that location that isn't mentioned online. Once you arrive in the destination country, take to the streets when you are free. Many places around the world have friendly streets and you can just stroll down the different streets. You will be surprised by the delicacies prepared at small stalls and how affordable the yummy, finger-licking delights are.

Wherever you are, there are many places to eat near you. All you have to do is explore and get your savory senses up.

4. Food and travel bloggers

You definitely know of a food or a travel blogger? While you may hesitate to shake hands with them or start a conversation online, it is worth mentioning that these are great information resource sources. There is a lot of information they hold about the people, places, and foods in that part of the world. Do not shy away. Send them emails or use any other channel of communication to get more information.

5. Locals

Leave the comfort of your hotel room and walk. Where you have to take a cab, do so, and get off your phone. Talk to the cabbie, the cyclists, or cops. They have a wealth of information. Talk to your hotel concierge as well. They know the streets and the whole town, if not the country by heart.

In conclusion, wherever you travel to, there will be various places to get good food from. You may be scared at first, but you should get out, walk, and meet people. This way, you will get the best places to eat around town!


Alexa Banks is a food blogger renowned across the blogging circles because of her writing prowess, uncanny photography abilities, and a blog with details on places to eat near you from any part of the world.