The pioneering company, Airbnb, has opened up great opportunities for travelers across the globe. As the new year unfolds, the company has set another innovation, a flight booking tool. The name has not been finalized yet but its premature label is Flights.

Founded in August 2008 by three daring entrepreneurs, Airbnb has given hospitality a new perspective. It started out as a platform for enabling travelers to rent a space for short-term trips. Airbnb has grown more than that. Last month, Airbnb introduced Airbnb Trips that assist travelers in reserving local tours and restaurants. Early next year, they will launch Flights which will help travelers book air travel.

In the recent report by Fortune, it was mentioned that Airbnb hopes to provide what Priceline and Expedia companies are offering. Moreover, they want to furnish travelers with an entire travel experience consisting of air travel, lodging, tours, trips, restaurants and tour guides.

In a presentation delivered by the CEO, Brian Chesky, bigger plans are coming. Airbnb will no longer be an ordinary accommodation rental. In fact, they have enhanced the Airbnb Trips with a feature known as Experiences. Users can search for experiences in the same way they find accommodations. Experiences could include camping, lessons, excursions, or surfing.

To contend with rivals and to reach high potential earnings, the company is increasing its service offerings in the travel industry. Bloomberg asserts that the company has garnered a value of more than $25 billion dollars. In addition to this, it has linked up a number of 80 million guests to different hosts all over the world over the last 8 years. As it develops in this kind of business, the company targets to generate more revenue.

Just how exciting this whole new tool would be? It remains to be seen but it is definitely an expedience to look forward to as the new year of travel comes.