The Nintendo Switch might be getting the virtual reality feature that has been slowly creeping its way into today's video game standards. Will the newest console from the makers of "Mario" be the perfect medium for the second time around?

According to Business Insider, the "Super Mario" giant Nintendo is looking to integrate VR with its upcoming console Nintendo Switch. In fact, this would appear to be the second time that the company is venturing into the VR business as they once back since 1995.

However, Nintendo got rid of the Virtual Boy almost instantly when the company saw that the console was meeting none of its expectations and had nothing but bad games. People could say that Nintendo was supposed to be the pioneer of bringing the technology in mainstream gaming. Instead, it was immediately replaced by more traditional consoles like the Nintendo 64 and the GameCube.

Even so, it came as a surprise when The Egg reported that the company has actually applied for a patent that describes something regarding "virtual reality accessory." If this could be applied to anything, it would neither be the New 3DS nor the almost defunct Wii U.

One image from USPTO details how the detachable screen could fit a slightly larger Virtual Reality headset for use with the Nintendo Switch. This would be possible by completely removing the "Joy-Con" controllers, which is a feature that is already confirmed.

The image has been extracted from a published patent that Nintendo filed earlier this year. The image has a striking resemblance with the Nintendo Switch without the attached Joy Cons, hinting a huge probability that it is actually for the upcoming console in March of 2017.

Nevertheless, this could still take with a grain of salt as patents aren't necessarily equivalent to plans. As stated in the report, big names in the industry like Apple and Nintendo publish patents on a regular basis, but these are mere to get dibs of whichever technology that might have some potential selling benefits.

Finally, a representative from Nintendo said that they have no comment regarding the rumor. This actually leaves fans more interested on how these things will unfold.