People might have gotten tired of waiting for Pangu's jailbreak tool for the iOS 10, so they moved on. Fortunately, a hacking team called "Project Zero" is now picking up what was left with the job and getting it done soon.

Redmondpie recently posted an update regarding the iOS jailbreaking scene, lo and behold, as much as iPhone and iPad users have dismissed the idea of ever jailbreaking their updated devices Project Zero, and the hacker group's exploit might be the answer to their prayers for a working tool. However, this is limited to just the iOS 10.1.1 and below.

Just like the popular French hacker Luca Todesco said, it will be monumentally hard to crack the iOS 10.2 and later, so it is a must to have the device stay at version 10.1.1. The good thing is that if done as early as possible, downgrading from 10.2 to 10.1.1 is still possible.

The first step is to get the latest version of iTunes, which may sound off like something shouldn't be done, given that it will bug every user to update to the latest iOS version. This is true, but to get access to the right version of ipsw file, this needs to be done.

The second and most important part is downgrading to iOS 10.1.1. Backing up is optional especially to those who technically has nothing stored on their phones or simply don't bother losing a picture or two. Still, it will save anybody the trouble in case something important is lost and forgotten in the process.

It should also be noted that complete iTunes backup made on iOS 10.2 cannot be restored back to an iOS 10.1.1 so this is another trade-off for preparing the device for the upcoming jailbreak tool. Some tools like iTools or vShare, however, can be handy in restoring images, music, apps and more.

The final step is to download the correct ipsw file from Apple's server. Thankfully, Redmondpie put up an updated list of all supported and still signed iOS versions. Simply download the correct one and follow the instructions on how to rollback to that previous iOS version using iTunes on either a Windows or Mac computer.