Amy just can't get a break even if it's her birthday. The recent episode of the hit comedy series "The Big Bang Theory" was titled "The Birthday Synchronicity" and it circled around Amy's birthday plans and Bernadette finally giving after numerous false alarms.

Episode eleven of the show's tenth season did not disappoint. It was a mix of everything what with Amy's planned annual coitus not going the way she wants it. She has been looking forward to her birthday as this is the only time Sheldon and her do the deed. Everything was all planned out and about to be done when Penny and Leonard interrupted them with the news of Bernadette already rushed in the hospital and is on her way to give birth.

However, the nurse that received the group advised them to return since the contraction isn't that big yet. Raj, Leonard, and Penny returned to Leonard's apartment and waited it out however, Raj was unable to keep his mouth and revealed the baby's gender. If you haven't remembered, the budding parents decided on not wanting to learn about their baby's gender until it comes out. But, Raj accidentally spilled the beans.

Meanwhile, after Sheldon and Amy learned about the false alarm, they decided on continuing with their plans. According to an article by EW, Sheldon was already not feeling it and thinks it feels forced. Amy, not wanting to be disappointed, was quick on her feet and thought of role playing to spice things up.

Moment later, Amy was shown wearing a "racy" dress with a Hogwarts robe on. Sheldon, after realizing that Amy went to Wizarding World of Harry Potter to purchase the merchandise, wasn't too happy about it. However, he put his anger aside and temporarily forgot about Amy's slip up. The two are now about to do it when unfortunately, the others knocked on Amy's door again and told them that Bernadette is really giving birth. Sorry, Amy!

Finally, Bernadette and Howard are now happy parents to a baby girl, Halley Hollowitz. According to an article by Vulture, the producers wanted to give tribute to Howard's mother and the late actress who played the character. While they didn't name the baby Debbie, the writers creatively gave a tribute to the character by giving the baby a voice over that sounds just like Howard's mother.