San Jose International Airport is now offering the newest vending machine with travel-related items in one of its terminal. The catch is, items in the machine aren't for sale. Wait, what? You read that right. These travel items aren't for sale because they are free. But not just for anybody. If you are a loyal subscriber to Google's "Project Fi", you are eligible to get items from the machine for free.

What items are we talking about? Well, basically anything travel related. Google's vending machine offers travel essentials such as eye masks, socks and even charging cables. This may just be "Project Fi" subscribers' saving grace! Android Police hopes that the free items are all under Google's brand.

So what is "Project Fi"? It is a wireless service from Google that lets you stay connected online wherever you go. It enables the subscriber's phone to connect to the best available Wi-Fi or network connection. This connectivity plan also allows subscribers to pay only for the data consumed within a given period of time at the same rate for all types of data anywhere in the world. With these features, travelers are encouraged to subscribe for better online access and internet connection.

How do subscribers claim their free travel goodies? Well, 9to5 Google said that according to Project Fi's official post, one needs a QR code to be considered eligible. You can get the code by dialing *#*#FLYWITHFI#*#* on your phone. It will automatically generate the code. Once you have that, just hold up your phone to the vending machine's scanner and choose your free travel goodie.

It's as simple as that! What's good about it is that subscribers can claim their free item once every 24 hours. So if you happen to be in San Jose International Airport, go to Terminal B right across Gate 25 and get your free item! Google's idea of putting up travel vending machines is one way to market their "Project Fi". Subscribers can only hope that more machines be put up in several airports throughout the country.