The Macao Government Tourism Office and Macau Films & Television Productions and Culture Association have organized the First International Film Festival and Awards. Happening this month at the Macao Cultural Center and Macao Science Center, the event aims to promote and increase awareness about East Asian films. What's in store for the audience and supporters? Find out the highlights of the event here.


In a press conference, Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, Director of Macao Government Tourism, stated that, "this is the very first film festival in Macao. This is a very new project, and this is the project that supports Macao's creative industry which can also promote Macao's image as a creative and cultural centre. And I think this project will provide a brighter future for local film makers in Macao."

The programme includes a film competition to acknowledge the effort and creativity of filmmakers. The categories include Gala (important movies of the year), Hidden Dragons (contemporary Asian genre), Best of Fest Panorama (international feature films), Crossfire (international genre films), and Film Market/Industry Office (film industry entities).

In addition, there is a special competition among the younger talents in the areas of Trophy Design, Chinese Language Short Content, and the Young Talents Project International Short Screenplay.

There is also session for an exchange of best practices by experts. The Masterclasses involving international film professionals will share their knowledge and experience with the local film industry people. Moreover, part of the program includes a 1-week training by the professional lecturers from the British Film Institute. This initiative is called the British Film Academy Project.

About 500 guests were invited to witness this special event in the country. As this is the first of its kind, this collaboration between the Macao Government Tourism Office and Macau Films & Television Productions and Culture Association hopes to boost the country's film industry as well as travel & tourism.