The British Independent Film Awards had high praise for the Andrea Arnold's film, "American Honey" during this 2016 awards season.The modern road trip movie led the pack by snatching four major awards, including best British independent film.

Along with the major award, the new-age film also received an award for Best Director (Andrea Arnolds). Arnolds is also known as the British film-maker behind modern masterpieces such as Red Road, Fish Tank and Wuthering Heights.

Other awards received by the film included a Best Actress win by the film's American-born star, 20-year-old Sasha Lane. The movie continued to receive a special award for Outstanding Achievement in Craft under the cinematography of Robbie Ryan.

"American Honey" managed to win four of its six BIFA 2016 nominations. However, the award for Best Actor slipped through the fingers of "Transformers" star, Shia Labeouf. The award was instead received by Dave Johns, the star of the equally-triumphant film, "I, Daniel Blake".

The Andrea Arnold's film also failed to receive the British Independent Film Award for Best Screenplay. The prestigious award went to the dark-horse Farsi-language film candidate, "Under the Shadow", which also proceeded to win awards for Best Supporting Actress and The Douglas Hickox Award for debuting directors.

According to Variety, "American Honey" successfully showcases a dreamy collaboration of picturesque views, millennial ideals, the American lifestyle, and modern music. As stated by The Guardian, the film's title is taken from a Lady Antebellum country single, which also plays a significant role in the film's ending.

"American Honey" has received positive reviews from film critics all around the world. Some critics have even stated that the message of the film is one that is sure to resound in the minds of its viewers, regardless of whether or not they enjoyed the film itself.

The film was initially released in May 2016 and was not released in the UK until mid-October of the same year. It has since received awards at several international film festivals including Strockholm, Los Cabos, and Cannes.