As 2016 ends, romance brightens up its believers by giving hope through the AirDates App, the seemingly Tinder version for travellers. Do you want to know how you can find your match in a unique way? Here it is.

This fun and practical app does quite a lot for its users, primarily, kindling connection and enabling communication. The acquaintance could begin in the airport, continue in the airplane and develop further at the destination and extend on your way back home. You can make new friends, share experiences, and create plans. You don't have to bear the boredom being at terminals and queues.

Basically, what you need to do is download the app, scan existing passengers on the same route or flight, start a connection, chat offline, broadening it with a planned cup of coffee or a night of dining. The best thing about this intelligent app is it works online and offline. To chat during the flight, turn on multipeer offline connectivity or put on Airplane mode, turn on WiFi and Bluetooth. It enables global connectivity with any nationality and background.

CEO Michael Richards states that a lot of time and chances to stay connected are missed during flights. With AirDates, opportunities to meet fellow travellers are there, without necessarily on the look-out for a date.

The AirDates is dowloadable via the Apple App Store. Android users could subscribe for future possibilities. The company is still working on the Android version. It is continuously finding ways to innovate the product. In the future, there are possibilities for sharing Spotify songs, Instagram posts and Pinterest pins.

Could this be your high chance on finding a great connection? Well, this is the only inflight dating app in the market, so you might want to get on it!