The first of Disney's three "Star Wars" spin-off movies has been presented to the mastermind behind the franchise, George Lucas, and apparently, he doesn't hate it. "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" has had its first few early-bird screenings, and here's what they thought of the film teaser.

On Saturday, December 3, director Gareth Edwards finally revealed a first-look into the much anticipated Star Wars spin-off film. The 28-minute teaser film was shown to selected critics and fans at Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, California.

While the lucky fans took to social media, posting positive feedback and high praise for the preview footage, Edwards only concerned himself with the opinion of one man: George Lucas. Lucas, who was among the select few, expressed his opinions during a brief phone conversation with the "Rogue One" director.

During a press conference covered by Collider, Edwards gleefully stated that George Lucas apparently enjoyed the film. The director also proceeded to express his feelings towards the comment by stating that he felt extremely privileged having received praise from the Star Wars creator, even joking that he could now "die happy".

Only weeks before the brief film showing, Lucas and Edwards had a short discussion about production and the use of CGI. Despite Lucas' efforts to promote the use of CGI in the spin-off film, Edwards graciously declined by stating his desire to feature more physical work and effects.

In an interview with IGN, Edwards explained that the film was created with as many in-camera shots as possible, opting for set building and prosthetic make-up, rather than digital enhancement. As a result, the film is said to appear, as film critics have stated, edgier than the original movies.

After re-shoots and rumors of troubled production, the Disney spin-off Star Wars film is set for international release on December 16, 2016. "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" will follow the adventures of Jyn Erso and the Rebel Alliance, set between the happenings of Star Wars III and IV.