If you're a strong gin drinker, you may want to rethink your next vacation destination because a hotel specifically dedicated to the distilled spirit is about to open in London. The Distillery, a four-floor gin-dedicated boutique accommodation spot, is set to open on December 16, 2016.

The much-awaited London cocktail paradise has finally announced an opening date, along with a description of the hotel's future offerings. The building is located on Portobello Road and is expected to be London's next cocktail bar hotspot.

While people everywhere are buzzing about the hotel's bars and gin-infused drinks, more tourists are taking notice due to the intended additions that are to be made. Along with the completed hotel, The Distillery is meant to become the new home of a gin museum.

In addition, The Ginstitute, a popular London tourist activity that involves the teaching of gin distillation is to be moved to the gin-themed hotel. Furthermore, the hotel's official website has stated that The Distillery will also feature an off-license gin and liquor shop.

As explained by TimeOut, the hotel's four floors will feature four different gin-themed bars and other attractions. In addition to the spirit-dedicated sites, three guest bedrooms may be found on the building's top floor and are open for bookings and reservations.

The Distillery hotel is designed to offer a different gin drinking experience on every floor. The hotel's ground floor, known as the "Resting Room," will feature gin and other spirits that are suspended from the ceiling and aged in barrels.

The ground-floor bar will be serving the barrel-aged spirits directly from the barrels themselves. Along with some of The Distillery's best gins, the bar will also be serving a wide array of premium international spirits and liquor.

On the first floor, visitors may a delightfully gin-themed restaurant and cocktail bar. The aptly named GinTonica is designed to celebrate classic gin-based cocktails, as well as some more creative gin concoctions that feature fresh fruits, herbs, and other edible garnishes.

Finally, as stated by Metro UK, the building's top floor will feature an exclusive private dining room known as the Boardroom. The floor also contains another gin-themed bar as well as the hotel's three guest bedrooms.