The Titanic ship may have sunk decades ago, but no one can dispute its hold as one of the most popular stories in maritime history. With its artifacts and other memorabilia generally shown for public's consumption, another one will excite the hearts and minds of its beloved movie fans and history buffs.

Titanic enthusiast can visit the Historic London offices, which is located in London's West End. And now, The London Ticketing Office, which was constructed between 1903 and 1906, that helped launched the ill-fated liner to the seas is now a luxury building. According to Dailymail, the grandiose headquarters of the White Star Liner now listed as Oceanic House has been metamorphosed into a luxury apartment building. And in line with its famous maritime history, the seven high-end apartments is themed after the luxury liner while still showcasing state-of-the-art surroundings.

Extravagant flats in this historic Neo-Classical building can cost you £4.75million for a two-been room flat. However, it has a four-bed penthouse suite that retails £25 million. Remember, this is in pounds and not in US dollars. The penthouse boasts a prime spot in Westminster which boasts a view of the London's beautiful skyline. The upscale apartments will be open in spring 2017 though Beauchamp Estates

The Titanic London Ticketing Office used to house the ship's original sketches. It even marked the fateful but famous spot where Chairman Bruce Ismay declared the iconic liner to be "unsinkable". It features elegant marbled bathrooms, sparkling chandeliers and also high-end artwork. 

Even though there have some modifications in the building, the entrance has been restored to its former glory. Residents can enjoy 24-hr concierge and security, comfort cooling and underfloor heating. It also features spacious and elegant reception rooms at the main entrance. They can also enjoy lavish fully-furnished kitchens that will even make Martha Stewart swoon in happiness.