Need more storage on your phone but can't decide which photos or videos to delete? You may now free up your iPhone storage without letting go of memories on your gallery!

In order for you to get more free storage on your iPhone, all you have to do is to download more based on a report from Daily Mail. The iPhone storage hack the site revealed works by tricking the iPhone's software into 'spring-cleaning' its memory to make room for the new application to continue downloading.

According to the news site, many smartphone applications waste phone memory with their cache of data. There is a way for users to clear these unused data, the report states, using the trick which was revealed by hack expert Thorin Klosowski. By performing the iPhone storage hack, the iPhone software will automatically start clearing out any unused app data on the phone as soon as a large application greater than the available storage is being downloaded or installed on the phone.

Once the iOS software cleared enough storage to make way for the application, the user may cancel the download or delete the application once the download is completed, according to IndependentThe progress can be tracked real-time, by going to the Storage options in the phone settings. Users will notice the available storage go up, while the installed applications' size go down.

The news site also recommends the users to download the Hearthstone application which requires almost 2GB of available storage to download. The site also added that this trick is beneficial to iPhone users who have 16GB iphone. The said trick is said to be a newer version of an old storage hack where users go to the iTunes Store, try to purchase or rent a movie. This trick has stopped working on iPhones running the iOS 10 software released in September.