Passengers traveling through Lufthansa operated airlines should expect some travel hurdles this week. Eurowing, Lufthansa's budget airlines, started a strike on Tuesday morning. The mother company, Lufthansa, are set to have a strike on Wednesday morning. 

Verdi, Germany's biggest services union, announced that passengers traveling via Düsseldorf and Hamburg airports can expect cancellations and travel delays. Eurowings fleet, Lufthansa's budget airlines, have called on a strike to last until 8pm on Tuesday, Nov. 22 due to disputes in wages. The said strike resulted in cancellation 50 of 88 flights in Düsseldorf airport while all seven Eurowings flights in Hamburg airport were canceled. Though the remaining 38 flights are still scheduled to take off, but there should be changes to the flight schedule can be expected throughout the day.

According to another pilot's union Vereinigung Cockpit, Lufthansa's pilots called for a strike on Wednesday, Nov. 23 and will continue until Thursday,Nov. 24. The pilots' union announced on Monday, Nov. 21 that they planned to ground the entire Lufthansa's fleet due to wage disputes. Both short and long haul flights operated by Lufthansa the departs from Germany are set to face cancellation or rescheduling.

Lufthansa announced that flights from Germany bound for all continental and intercontinental routes are affected by the said strike. However, this concerns flights operated by Lufthansa airlines only, which includes Eurowings. Other flights operated by other airlines in the said airports are not affected and will continue to perform normally daily operations. 

"Roughly 3,000 planned short- and long-haul flights, 876 will be canceled due to the strike, "affecting some 100,000 passengers", Lufthansa further added on Tuesday. There are about 900 flights affected with both airlines operated by Lufthansa going on strike. Travelers are advised to check their flight schedules online before their departure times to see if they are affected. Last November, Lufthansa cabin staff seven-day strike held the longest walkout in the company's history. This resulted in 4,700 canceled flights.