People who are off or are looking forward to their Thanksgiving vacations should expect some hurdles in their holiday travel this year. The weather conditions in Central and Northwestern US are predicted to be gloomy and wet. Mother Nature threatens to dampen certain holiday plans this Thanksgiving, especially in central and northwestern US.

Starting the Thanksgiving weekend 2016, the weather has been quite a rollercoaster. This is expected to cause some travel delays for people traveling on days leading to Thanksgiving. According to American Automobile Association (AAA), Thanksgiving 2016 is expected to be the busiest travel period of the year. An estimated 48.7 million people will travel 50 miles or more from Nov. 23 to Nov. 27.

Furthermore, AAA has added that there are expected 43.5 million people who will travel via road, while 3.69 million will travel via air. This alone is foreseen to cause some travel congestion on both air and road this year. Delays are expected to further escalate with the current and expected weather conditions in the incoming days.

A storm is expected to arrive across the central US on Tuesday and Wednesday. Though it will not be as strong as the previous blizzard, it can still bring enough wind and water to cause slow travel on roads and airports. Travelers are advised to travel on Monday since this is the best day for pre-Thanksgiving travel.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Steve Travis stated: "Rain will fall from Nebraska and Iowa to northeastern Texas, while periods of snow will fall across western Nebraska into the Dakotas and western Minnesota." Northern Wisconsin is advised to prepare for snow since as the snow will eventually leave Wyoming and Colorado Rockies during the day, it will develop all across their area. 

Leading portions of Interstate 29, 35, 80, 90 and 94 will likely experience a few increase of snow. People traveling across these Interstates are advised to prepare for slippery or slushy roads. Upper Midwest is expected to experience cold air, which will bring in a mix of wintry and ice areas. Central High Plains should expect flight delays because of strong winds that may persist into Wednesday Afternoon. 

Northeast's interior may expect snow showers from this weekend to persist on to Monday. This may cause both air and road delays throughout the entire area. Western and Central New York could have a travel headache along I-90 on Monday because of the lake-effect snow.

However, conditions will improve for travelers as the snow showers and gusty winds will decrease from west to east on Tuesday into Wednesday. Dry weather will reach across most of Southeast in the days leading to Thanksgiving Day.