Travelers journeying by air for Thanksgiving 2016 might face flight delays due to bad weather conditions this week. The storm will hit Central United States this Tuesday and Wednesday which may cause delays on air and bad driving condition on land because of wintry and wet weather.

"Rain will fall from Nebraska and Iowa to northeastern Texas," said Steve Travis, AccuWeather Meteorologist. "Periods of snow will fall across western Nebraska into the Dakotas and western Minnesota."

Heavy gust of winds might also cause flight delays at the Central High Plains which will continue until the afternoon, according to Fox News.

"On Wednesday, this storm will bring rain to the Great Lakes," Travis said. "This includes Chicago, which may cause travel headaches."

Travelers on road are warned to drive safely as Central US might encounter thunderstorms that will affect vehicle of hydroplaning on highways. Heavy downpours will also result for poor visibility on road.

Northeastern US might also face flight delays due to heavy and blustery winds. Tuesday and Wednesday will face thick lake-effect snow, flurries, and chilly winds that will cross and ease from southwest to northeast.

"Overall, Tuesday and Wednesday will be fine across the Northeast with diminished winds and dry weather," Travis said. 

As weather conditions ease and improve, expect the remaining pre-Thanksgiving days to have less hassles. That said, this Thanksgiving is still the busiest Thanksgiving ever recorded, where more than 43 million people are expected to have a trip to their families. More than 3 million of them are expected to travel through airfare.

To beat the weather condition if your trip happened to be aligned with the storm, it is best to practice caution on driving. If you're traveling by air, arrive early for your flights to know if it will be delayed or if you will be rerouted. Airlines could also refund your ticket.