St. Patrick's Day may not be around the corner. But, people's love for alcohol is not just a one-day event. Much more so in some countries who love their beer a little too much. 

According to World Atlas, alcohol consumption rates to increase in Europe and other places in the Northern Hemisphere. On the other hand, the lower rate involves countries in Asia, Africa, and the Pacific. However, take note that these trends or rates do not involve alcohol dependency - just the consumption. 

On the average, every person in the world aged 15 years old or above annually consumes about 6.2L of pure alcohol, as reported by World Health Organization. Now, that is a lot of pub crawl in one year. But, just which one of the countries around the world are the booziest?

Great Britain is known for their pubs where relations begins and ends. And though the Irish have St. Patrick's Day to celebrate their love for booze, British are not limited to this just one day. Any day is a good day to celebrate alcohol in here. Their classic drink of choice is a pint of bitter and traditional ale. And a hangover cure is a full English breakfast. Now, who does not want this duo?

Russia is known for their love of drinking vodka. You usually connote the best vodka with Russia. This is their classic drink of choice, and strangely enough, it is also their hangover cure. However, beer is also quite common drink all over Russia. And though Russians don't drink every day, but when they do, they often drink until they fall down. 

China is one of the countries with the fastest drinking population. High enough that it nearly out drinks the Russians and the Brits. The Chinese love celebratory drinks. They have tons of excuse for these drinking such as weddings, birthdays, opening and closing business deals. And once the initial toasts starts and the karaoke rolls in, you might even have a hard time counting those bottles.